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Our east german shepherd pups are from the East German (DDR) and Czech bloodlines.  We have Jenna, Jula, Renia, Queena, Bailey, Krash Jr are very friendly with everyone!   They are very smart and would make very good police, protection, search and rescue, or just for your family dog!  They make excellent family protection dogs and are wonderful companions!
All of our dogs live in our house! 

Jenna's father is Murphy Vom Schwarzhorn. Her mother is Ginta Z Pohranicni StrazeGreatgrandfather Alf V Kornersee. Jenna is from both East German DDR and Czech Shepherd lines.  All through her pedigree there are great working  shepherds!  We bought her when she was 6 weeks old and she was house broke by the end of the day!  She is extremely intelligent!  She even plays hide~n~seek
with the kids!

Krash is a descendent of police great, Orthos V Tiekerhook.  He is very large, he stands at 2' 5'' from the floor to the top of his back.  He also is a very calm and friendly shepherd. He also has a very high ball drive!  He is always carrying a ball or toy in his mouth. Krash even sleeps with his ball in his mouth. Krash passed away after an accident. He is deeply missed

Reina comes from some of the worlds finest and most Legendary DDR greats of all time.  Both of her parents are East German DDR ImportsRenia is extremely friendly and has very high prey and ball drives.  She is a very sweet and beautiful
bi-colored shepherd.

Jula is a Titus Z Pohranicni Straze grand daughter and a Gipsy Policia daughter. She has a dangerous ball drive and excellent prey drive. She is a Czech import and her mother and brothers are Czech  prison guard dogs. She has a nice temperament and is good with other animals.
east german shepherd pups will be great family pets! The first 2 weeks the pups are in our bedroom. Then they live in our kitchen! :)  They will be house raised until they are ready to leave for there new homes.  We socialize all our pups in a family setting and they are handled by children and adults. We also socialize them with cats as well. They also are taken for car rides and vet checked.

If you have any questions regarding our breeding program, see the
contact us page for email, phone, and directions.  You can see pictures of available puppies on link above.  We try to update this site daily.  I see we need to update this writting ... will try and get to it soon.... on our *To Do List*  :)

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