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Now you know which agency is active. We are streaming a screen capture of the scanner to you so you will be able to follow along with all the action. Also coming soon links to more online police scanners and other scanning links. We will try running the scanner from 1:00pm est to 3:00am. We are using a Uniden BCD 396T scanner and an old computer to stream this police scanner live to you. We are covering Bay, Saginaw and Tuscola counties along with some of the closer state police posts. We have always owned scanners and we decided to bring our local police and fire agencys live to you. Scanning Bay, Midland, Saginaw and Tuscola counties in Michigan.
May take several minutes to load.
Please help us defray some of the cost of the scanners.. Please donate at least .35 cents to help with the cost of running the scanners and all the equipment. With your donations we can expand the scanners and upgrade to better scanners. Our promise all donations will be used solely to bring you this scanner.
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Our Police Scanner on your iPhone

1. Download Fstream from the app store (free).

2. Load Fstream on your iPhone, go to favorites, edit, add new webradio.

3. Name enter Bay, Saginaw, Tuscola, for URL use

4. Go to more, enable cellular network.

5. Go to play, and select on the favorite line that you just created. It should connect, buffer and stream the police scanner on your iPhone.
Our Scanner
Our Scanner on your Blackberry

BBScanner allows you to listen to over 1,200 police and fire scanners, railroad communications, and weather radio broadcasts from around the world using your BlackBerry with more being added daily. BBScanner fully supports all live audio feeds on

    * BBScanners can be downloaded
here on the BBScanner Web site.

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