Even though a rarer sight nowadays, it makes me cringe. Not due to the frequently expectant pooch waiting patiently by the door, but due to the very real probability that the puppy might not be there when the owner returns.

The number of dogs reported stolen or lost is on the upswing, and there’s been a 33% increase at the number of dog thefts in the united kingdom from 1,333 in 2014 to 1,797 in 2015.

There’s also a growing market for all these stolen puppies — frequently fuelled by unsuspecting new owners or backyard breeders — and while they are still of significance to thieves, the tendency in pet thefts will regrettably continue. Even with a call for harsher sentencing for puppy theft offenses, the theft of a puppy in Britain is now still categorized as the theft of personal possessions (the same threat of stealing a cell telephone).

In 2013, just 98 arrests were made about dog thefts, and of them, only 5 percent led to convictions. Minimum sentences may be as modest as community service or a nice.

Most at risk

The kind of dogs stolen reflects those who are of highest value for breeding and resale. Desirable breeds, for example, French bulldogs and Chihuahuas, and people that have odd colors are especially vulnerable.

Working gundogs, like Labrador retrievers and springer and cocker spaniels, will also be highly-prized breeding dogs but a few can even be stolen to be lure dogs for illegal dogfighting.

Chihuahuas are hot land for thieves.

Thefts tend to be opportunistic, and puppies left unattended outside stores, or in automobiles and gardens are likely to be taken. However, there’s also a worrying growth in the number of dogs being caught from unsuspecting owners while outside for a walk or stolen through home and kennel break-ins.

In reality, it now seems that half of all stolen dogs have been taken from within the house. More lately, dog walkers’ vans have turned into a targeted for its highly-prized breeds within. The organized and temperament of these thefts shows it’s becoming big business.

Steps could be taken to keep your pet secure and lower the probability of theft. Ensure that your home is protected, including perfect door and window locks. Prevent leaving dogs unattended. Gardens where puppies have been observable pose a higher chance of theft, although the ones that seem protected can be entered by ascertained thieves (and scaled by dogs that are determined).

Make sure dogs are not left unattended, such as outside stores and in automobiles, even for a brief period. Lockable dog crates may be an extra hindrance, but a great guideline is to care for your pet as you would your notebook or telephone.

In case of any doubt, remember them and pop them back to the lead. In case your dog’s remember wrong, keep them in a cause open and non-secure spaces. If you are feeling insecure, try to organize band walks with friends or acquaintances.

Staying safe – Microchips: additional safety for your puppy.

Even though it’s currently a legal requirement for many dogs from the UK to have an implanted microchip containing up-to-date proprietor information, it also makes perfect sense for pet security. Dogs which were offered to unsuspecting new owners handed into rescue centers after being chucked have already been successfully reunited with their owners once scanned for a microchip in the vet. The Vets Get Scanning allure is championing the mandatory scanning of chips from vets, local governments and rescue centers.

As technology continues to grow, the access to pet monitoring devices might be notable. Connected to a program on a smartphone, they enable owners to track their pet’s whereabouts. Keep them safe cuz I love my dog and my laptop.

Social networking has resulted in a lot of success stories, also, by making puppies “too hot to handle.” Ensure that you have explicit photographs of your puppy from several angles. Assessing your pet with nationwide dog lost and found websites supplies another quick and powerful method of circulating info on missing creatures.

Offering a reward for a lost puppy can both promote a rapid yield and increase the attractiveness of pet theft, encouraging offenders to cash in on the benefit — or perhaps need a ransom.

For owners carrying on a new puppy, think about its history and where it might have come out of, especially when purchasing from a site.

Though pet theft is now a depressing fact, an awareness of the issue and using deterrents might be the secret to minimising the probability of theft. It’s your best friend in the end.

Article Source: http://theconversation.com/why-dog-theft-is-on-the-rise-and-how-you-can-keep-your-pet-safe-70147